World Champions again!

We are basking in the glow of the Kansas City Royals World Series win and finally looked at the calendar — egads! It’s dangerously close to Thanksgiving. And you know what that means … Christmas will undoubtedly follow, and quickly. But back to that win — I mean, really! Better writers than I (Joe Posnanski, Becky Blades, Reeves Wiedeman, Rany Jazayerli) have illuminated and extolled the virtues of this team of baseball players, but I want to say that their never, ever, ever give up behavior can enlighten all of us.

When it comes to a job, or a job search, that perseverance will always pay off. We’ve seen it time and time again. Every year at this time, job seekers sometimes say “No point in looking now — no one will be hiring during the holidays.”

Wrong. Employers often have recent budget and headcount approval. And employed job seekers have the luxury of waiting till the holiday activity is over and perhaps a bonus is pocketed. So, be Royal (forgive me, I can’t stop) and you, too, can knock it out of the park.

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