They don’t want to hire the unemployed. Seriously?

Should Unemployed Job Seekers Be Ruled Out? Some Think So

We’ve already heard from some of our clients that they don’t/wouldn’t adopt this practice. If you’ve never been affected by unemployment, this might not appear to be a bad idea. As recruiters, however, we know how much talent has gone under- or un-utilized in this economic shift (how do you spell tsunami?).

My outrage aside, this philosophy (or worse yet, policy) may convince job seekers to seek transitional employment. Taking a non-profit volunteer gig or starting a low-cost-of-entry service business (home repair, delivery jobs, etc.) can be a bridge job that gives a person access to more networking and industry opportunities. That path can make it easier for a person to present their current circumstances with a smile as they interview for the next career opportunity.

2 Responses to They don’t want to hire the unemployed. Seriously?

  1. DebDobson

    This is a great post! Yes, I’ve been truly outraged…and having been on twitter for several years, have heard this all over the globe which is quite sad. Well, said.

  2. Marsha

    Since I was downsized I suppose this comment applies to me. I am sure I have tons to contribute to the world of business for years to come but feel outrage at this “rule.” I took a chance on a small business that could not afford me when the economy went south. My personal situation aside, I’ve met dozens of people who are smart and savvy whose jobs just went away. Their talent did not.
    Marsha Russell

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