Leaner staff, more work, what to do?

In times like these, our work shifts with the market. 

Many employers who have had to cut staff are faced with needing to produce just as much output as before. Our job becomes to remind them of the benefits of using temporary workers:
1. Just-in-time solutions. A good temp staffing partner (like LandaJob, of course) can get someone plugged in immediately, to keep the overworked team members from leaping off the ledge. Sometimes even the same day! (Example: an in-house agency that needed a proposal proofread overnight — Done!)
2. Flexibility. The option to use a temp for anywhere from four to forty-plus hours a week. On-site or off-site. Schedule, then cancel, then schedule again. Dictate custom specifications for talent and experience. (Examples: a consulting firm which needed a specialized researcher for a period of weeks, different number of hours each week; a design firm which has pre-selected a mini-roster of graphic designers that fit their needs, using them on as as-needed basis.)
3. Convenience. Make one call (to LandaJob, of course) instead of coordinating everything yourself. We arrange scheduling, screening, follow-ups… everything. (Example: an agency which has a roster of freelancers, but everyone currently busy or not returning calls.)
4. Peace-of-mind. A temp is employed by the staffing firm (LandaJob, of course) and so we take care of paying the employee weekly, plus their payroll taxes and federal withholding, keeping our clients out of IRS difficulties and 1099 headaches. (Example: an in-house creative services team which uses temporary staff seasonally to handle extra workload.)
The smart employers keep their permanent staffs happy with all the resources they need. We’re just happy to help.
What are some ways that temporary staff have helped your company?

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  1. Construction Staffing

    Temporary construction staffing allows contractors to save money by only hiring workers they need, in these tough economic times staying under budget is important to both contractor and skilled tradesmen. Past statistics have shown that when an economic recession occurs temporary construction workers are the first to go, but, when the tides starts to turn, even a little, temporary workers are the first to get hired back even before permanent workers.

    As the United States economy tries to right itself, more commercial and industrial construction projects are starting to move beyond the planning stage and temporary construction workers are being sought in huge numbers across the country.

    Grus construction personnel helps in many other areas of human resources, by providing services for payroll, interviewing, workers compensation, and unemployment Grus Construction Personnel can fill the temporary staffing needs of the largest industrial construction contractors and even the smallest commercial contractors by tailoring the services to match the needs of the client perfectly.

    Grus maintains a large, full-time work force and we have personnel who will travel to out-of-town job sites. Workers are billed at varied wage levels to reflect their current abilities and to complete your project without unnecessary expense. Grus is an active member of the Associated Builder & Contractors Association (ABC) and we are committed to the success of the construction industry.

    Grus Construction Personnel can be reached at 1-888-230-9908
    Online at: http://www.gruspersonnel.com
    Blog at : http://applyforconstructionjobs.blogspot.com/

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