"…just got a new job!"

We’re hearing that more & more as we call our temporary associates to tell them about new opportunities. It’s music to our ears!

Here’s a note from one of our long-time temporary associates who has just transitioned to a full-time senior graphic design job at our client:

“Thank you for the kind words, Elisa. It’s really exciting for me considering
> where I was before talking with you that very first time. I had been with the
> same company for 11 years and had just started looking for a new job in an
> already depressed economy. Thanks to YOU and a wee bit of ‘perfect timing’,
> here I am, one year later with the best opportunity I could have imagined! I’m almost giddy. It’s been a wonderful transition and I feel that I
> owe you SO MUCH for referring me in the first place. I know I’ve worked really
> hard but it’s more than that. I feel like it was a perfect fit – for me and for my new employer!”

Thank you, Tami! We’re thrilled for you!

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