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We get asked: If a job posting asks for salary history or requirement, do you have to fill it in? Sadly, yes. It’s a horrible system. But HR has to institute every possible automated screening tool because they are overrun with candidates, many of whom are not in the least qualified. One of our candidates […]

We’re excited to share our latest effort to help jobseekers: This free, really, no-salesman-will-call, site is our effort to help jobseekers everywhere. It’s simple to sign up, easy to access tools for your job search, anonymous (naturally), and valuable. Did I mention it’s free? The process is segmented into 3 parts: Preparation, Search & […]

In the past couple of months, our inbox runneth over. We’re averaging about 50% more resumes than we have in the past several years. It appears that jobseekers know the timing is right for a new job, or just a job, if they’ve been out of work. News sources have been warning companies that a […]

Maybe it’s just the wrong time of year. We’re generally prepared for the onslaught of graduates in spring. We’re ready to exhibit more patience with first-time jobseekers, help guide them onto the path, give them tips on how to get started, explain what NOT to do. So when the phone call this week started with […]

Heads up, job-seekers! It appears that hiring is on the increase. We’re not promising anything, mind you, but here’s what you really need to know: You have to make it easier for those in H.R. and recruiting. Here’s a list of Don’ts: *Don’t be coy and send a recruiter a message that you might want […]

For so long in the advertising and marketing business, it seemed that employees’ skill sets became narrower and narrower. I’ll always remember the first British designer I interviewed. His portfolio was a mix of the usual ads, identity/logos, etc. and then! wallpaper design and textile pieces and more! He had worked as a graphic designer, […]

It makes my heart beat a little faster. Well, it certainly made me smile. One of my favorite candidates returned my call this afternoon, apologizing for the delay (we have a temporary opportunity for him!). He said he’d been at two different job clubs today and was “going clubbing” again tonight. Everyone says that networking […]

I just read a post from a recruiter about this subject and it’s worth repeating: Human Resource departments and recruiters need to tell job-seekers the truth. About their standing and their chances at any given job. We live and work in a nice town. A really nice, civilized, put your blinker on before you change […]

A major employer in our industry (but not in our city, so don’t try to figure it out) made an offer to a candidate with sterling web/interactive/social media experience for a VP position. From the start, the employer said “No problem, we’ll pay your relocation costs.” Then, oops … we meant we’ll pay $3,500. After […]

The Kauffman Foundation is hosting an event for local employers’ interns on Monday, June 28 at the Kauffman Memorial Gardens (across the street from Foundation and just east of the Country Club Plaza). It’s a social networking opportunity — meet other interns and learn more about opportunities in KC, all at no charge! Here’s the […]

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