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Our free career portal ( — yeah, FREE — can make such a difference in your job search. We’ve heard from jobseekers that it’s made the difference in getting a job and getting a great job with a career path. There’s an upcoming webinar on April 17 which could be useful for people who have […]

I was doing some reading about new technologies today, as you do, and discovered that there is a new start-up app called Rebump that sends repeated follow-up emails if your initial email was not responded to, until you get a response (more information here). Now, if your inbox looks anything like mine does, the very […]

The old adage is true: it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Don’t be mistaken. Of course it’s what you know once you get the interview and get your name added to payroll. But getting that first step through the door will most often come from a personal connection from your network. Now, […]

If I didn’t already know that it’s January, I would be able to tell by the volume of incoming contacts from people who are “ready to make a change.” This is natural, and the desire to do a makeover on one’s career or job situation is right up there with losing weight. Here’s the thing […]

You never know when you might be looking for your next career opportunity, so always keep in mind the following to be ready for anything. Keep a file of work samples, case histories, and kudos letters. Be ready to construct a portfolio when you need one — no matter what your job title. Don’t get […]

Whether it’s fair or not, an employee referral is often the difference between getting your foot in the door of a company, or getting your resume thrown on the ‘ignore’ pile. The New York Times posted an article on Sunday about this shift in hiring, using several large companies as examples. Referral programs are nothing […]

I may not read Dr. Phil’s latest book, Life Code, but there’s a worth-repeating story about job-hunting and confidentiality: A woman extols a potential job opportunity that pays $25K more than her current company. Then feels betrayed by a co-worker who, upon learning this, applies for and gets that job. Seems like a simple lesson, […]

Everything I’m coming up with is, well, lame. Here’s why: We get all warm & fuzzy when we have a week like this. Two of our recent recruits are in their new jobs and they LOVE them! The employers, one an ad agency and one a nationally headquartered company, are very pleased with the hires […]

Employers, if you’re recruiting in a discipline that is suddenly hot or brand new, make sure you have established partnerships with the recruiting/staffing firms you’re using. The quality jobseekers get weary, fast, of the companies who submit them for jobs they’re not qualified for (“Landa, I knew I wasn’t right and the company knew I […]

If you’re frustrated with lack of or slow response from your recruiting firm, take a minute to think about these things: *Did you communicate the urgency of your staffing need? *Have you been responsive in the past when presented with candidates?*Is your compensation range competitive?*Are you a shopper … wanting to do the recruiting firm’s […]

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