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Not if you keep up. Not if you evolve with the times. In our business of marketing and creative talent, things have changed and, in many cases, dramatically. With the advances in technology—some that are happening so quickly we can’t keep up—these jobs have most definitely changed. Entire industries have changed. I’m old enough to […]

No surprise here. Community involvement offers numerous benefits, both for employers and employees. What’s surprising is what some of those benefits are. More and more studies conducted over the past years indicate that volunteering is healthy for you.—yes, you read that correctly. When you are focusing on someone other than yourself, you reduce stress. And […]

Another installment of advice to the joblorn, where questions are sometimes real, sometimes not – but try to imagine the ones we can’t print. Dear Landa, I hate to bother you again, but I just read something that said recruiters advise people to make a maximum of two phone calls to a prospective employer. They […]

We are basking in the glow of the Kansas City Royals World Series win and finally looked at the calendar — egads! It’s dangerously close to Thanksgiving. And you know what that means … Christmas will undoubtedly follow, and quickly. But back to that win — I mean, really! Better writers than I (Joe Posnanski, […]

Ahhh, spring and a young person’s thoughts turn to A JOB … it’s our annual advice to graduates blog. Let’s start with a recent story. One of our friends in the business was frustrated by an email request, having met this student at a career day event: Hello (famous, sole-operator photographer), I’m out of town […]

In the days before big data and company-supplied laptops, employers used to get wind of an employee’s job search through accidental missteps, like an overheard phone call or a resume carelessly left at the photocopy machine. But these days you leave a trail through every visit to Facebook or LinkedIn, as well as your publicly-posted […]

This is a common question for us to hear, especially from job seekers. It’s a logical one, of course, especially if you’ve spent years being involved in professional associations, getting to know colleagues in your industry, and accumulating all sorts of acquaintances. Especially when you’re feeling urgent (“I NEED a job!”), it’s a normal instinct […]

We got a call from one of our favorite people a few weeks ago (used to be a hiring client, then became a jobseeker/candidate) and she was flummoxed over getting to work one morning to her new job. She had experienced some car trouble late the night before and had concerns that she would have […]

Within the last several days, I’ve visited the offices of several clients. These firms are oriented around marketing and creative, so it’s natural that there would be a relaxed atmosphere. I was struck with the diversity of what I saw, although I was immediately able to make assumptions and draw conclusions about roles based on […]

Type that question into your Google search bar, and you’re going to see a mixed response. With the ever-changing digital landscape that now includes job interviews being offered on Twitter, it might seem easy to answer ‘yes’.  As recruiters, we would have to disagree and say ‘no’. The resume is not dead, but it is […]

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