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Dear Landa

Dear Landa

Another installment of advice to the joblorn, where questions are sometimes real, sometimes not – but try to imagine the ones we can’t print.

Dear Landa,

Here’s my resume. As you know, I have always loved working here at XYZ Zany Ads but since our recent merger with ABC Corporate Ads, my job is now unbearable. This new deal really sucks! Our cultures couldn’t be further apart than, well… ABC and XYZ. We were always a hard-working, fun-loving gang. Now, everything is big-time, corporate bull, from the ridiculous dress code to the maniacal obsession with billable hours. This change is literally making me sick. I can barely get myself to work every morning. Please, can you help me??? Please???


Change Sucks


Dear Change,

I am so sorry to hear that you’re so unhappy. I do know how much you have loved your job with XYZ. I can hardly believe it’s been over 10 years since we placed you there. Indeed, change is hard, for everyone. Managing change and your expectations takes some thought and time. My advice to you is to take a few days off, relax and look at the overall picture. Are you being realistic and honest with yourself about your new situation? Are there things that you can change to make the new situation better for you (and your coworkers)? If so, come up with a list of talking points and meet with management. If not, then maybe the new company just isn’t for you. Should that be the case then it is probably time to pursue new opportunities.



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