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We’re excited to share our latest effort to help jobseekers: This free, really, no-salesman-will-call, site is our effort to help jobseekers everywhere. It’s simple to sign up, easy to access tools for your job search, anonymous (naturally), and valuable. Did I mention it’s free? The process is segmented into 3 parts: Preparation, Search & […]

Maybe it’s just the wrong time of year. We’re generally prepared for the onslaught of graduates in spring. We’re ready to exhibit more patience with first-time jobseekers, help guide them onto the path, give them tips on how to get started, explain what NOT to do. So when the phone call this week started with […]

For so long in the advertising and marketing business, it seemed that employees’ skill sets became narrower and narrower. I’ll always remember the first British designer I interviewed. His portfolio was a mix of the usual ads, identity/logos, etc. and then! wallpaper design and textile pieces and more! He had worked as a graphic designer, […]

It makes my heart beat a little faster. Well, it certainly made me smile. One of my favorite candidates returned my call this afternoon, apologizing for the delay (we have a temporary opportunity for him!). He said he’d been at two different job clubs today and was “going clubbing” again tonight. Everyone says that networking […]

I just read a post from a recruiter about this subject and it’s worth repeating: Human Resource departments and recruiters need to tell job-seekers the truth. About their standing and their chances at any given job. We live and work in a nice town. A really nice, civilized, put your blinker on before you change […]

A major employer in our industry (but not in our city, so don’t try to figure it out) made an offer to a candidate with sterling web/interactive/social media experience for a VP position. From the start, the employer said “No problem, we’ll pay your relocation costs.” Then, oops … we meant we’ll pay $3,500. After […]

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