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We had the opportunity to visit with JoCo Community College design graduates this week and were reminded that it’s daunting to begin the process of searching for a job. There are tips and tools on our website (, soon to appear, our new website with everything you need for your search, in one spot. For […]

Many of us have tired arms from all this rowing to shore, but our clients and our job-seeking candidates are telling us about more hiring every day: And if you’re still seeking a job in the KC metro area, please take a look at this list: Get off the computer, get dressed and […]

We’re hearing from our clients that the volume of work is bouncing back, and they’re also hiring more temporary workers. This is good news for us at LandaJob, and also good for our associates whom we can unite with project work. But, it’s confusing and hard-to-adjust-to for many displaced workers. And even some employers don’t […]

We’re hearing that more & more as we call our temporary associates to tell them about new opportunities. It’s music to our ears! Here’s a note from one of our long-time temporary associates who has just transitioned to a full-time senior graphic design job at our client: “Thank you for the kind words, Elisa. It’s […]

How I Got the Job: Susan O’Neil, 24 Susan O’Neil was a very savvy job-seeker … take a look at the steps she took to find her job in Kansas City at River City Studio ( FYI, we’re thrilled with how successful Yoda’s tweets have become! He’s such a smart cat to have persuaded you […]

As a career coach, one of the activities I spend a lot of time on with clients is their use of language. How we talk about ourselves, and what we say to describe our skills and experience, has a huge impact on whether people want to engage with us, especially if we’re looking for referrals […]

I just noticed that Crispin Porter + Bogusky is auctioning their summer interns on EBay: Here’s a link to the Ad Age piece about it and all the juicy posts that follow: The current bid, when I last looked, was $5,600. No matter what, that sure will pump up someone’s resume, don’t you think?

not proofreading or getting somebody else to proofread your resume. Many, many times a resume will be thrown directly into the trash if there is even one tiny typo. IABC Members: Get your résumé proofread for free: Exclusive offer for IABC members from Expires 30 May 2009. Here are some links that can help: […]

From Diane Stafford’s ever-so-useful column on today: Help for job hunters is close to home Out of work and don’t know where to turn? Check out a new web site launched this week that can point you to job-search and job-retraining resources near you. The site is a service of the AFL-CIO and Working […]

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