Biggest Mistake on a Resume is…

not proofreading or getting somebody else to proofread your resume. Many, many times a resume will be thrown directly into the trash if there is even one tiny typo.

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Here are some links that can help:

20 Most Common Grammatical Errors – this is a great refresher in basic grammar.

Common Words That Sound Alike – the its/it’s, there/they’re/their etc. site; some of the MOST COMMON problems I see.

Punctuation – The University of Ottawa also has this site on correct punctuation usage.

What other mistakes will get your resume into the recycle bin?

2 Responses to Biggest Mistake on a Resume is…

  1. Kristi Jones

    A typo in your resume is the biggest mistake, I would agree. Also the email does need to be professional. Don’t list any personal information such as date of birth, marital status, a picture of yourself or any hobbies not relevant to the job. Keep it business and professional!!!

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