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Not too long ago, we wrote about beginner networking skills. Just to refresh your memory (and, personally, mine needs refreshing about every five minutes), networking is all about building relationships and is a two-way street. With that in mind, how do we build our networking skills? Well, like anything else that’s a life skill, we […]

We’re hearing from a number of December graduates, and we welcome you to the working world! As many colleges and universities have limited capacity for preparing their graduates for job search, we’re always happy to give advice for how to conduct an effective search. Here’s the best of what we know. Be clear what kind […]

While the work world is full of truly great managers and mentors, we’ve been reminded lately of mistakes that some managers make that cost their employers a ton of money and grief. As hiring has increased significantly over the past several months and especially in hiring for marketing jobs, we’re seeing things turn very quickly […]

In the days before big data and company-supplied laptops, employers used to get wind of an employee’s job search through accidental missteps, like an overheard phone call or a resume carelessly left at the photocopy machine. But these days you leave a trail through every visit to Facebook or LinkedIn, as well as your publicly-posted […]

This is a common question for us to hear, especially from job seekers. It’s a logical one, of course, especially if you’ve spent years being involved in professional associations, getting to know colleagues in your industry, and accumulating all sorts of acquaintances. Especially when you’re feeling urgent (“I NEED a job!”), it’s a normal instinct […]

Within the last several days, I’ve visited the offices of several clients. These firms are oriented around marketing and creative, so it’s natural that there would be a relaxed atmosphere. I was struck with the diversity of what I saw, although I was immediately able to make assumptions and draw conclusions about roles based on […]

Although the phrase “corporate DNA” can be irritating to some, we think it has some meaning in the context of talent discussions. It refers to the traits of the aggregate culture and personality of the organization, including the talent it attracts, the way it treats its clients and employees, and the behavioral imprint it makes […]

March 26, 2014


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So, it turns out that work really is like high school but with paychecks. We’ve all always known that likability is a factor in how well we do in the work world, but now it’s being documented that likability is of growing importance given the expanded influence of social media and video conferencing. A new […]

As many organizations have become flatter, we’re consistently surprised that many employers involve very few people in the interview process for new employees. This may be justified in terms of time and cost, especially if the primary interviewer, the hiring manager, is experienced in selecting talent. Our opinion, based on observing many hundreds of hires […]

Here’s an interesting trend we’re seeing: A number of companies seem to be doing a better job of keeping their most valued employees happy. Mind you, this isn’t across the board. In too many workplaces, skilled individuals are ripe for a move and have one foot out the door, just waiting for the right opportunity. […]

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