We’ve walked the walk

At LandaJob, everyone at this staffing firm has walked in your shoes. We’ve worked in the advertising and related fields that you work in. We understand the lingo. We know the ins and outs.


Landa Williams

Landa Williams

Background in a nutshell: 25+ years in agency management/publishing

First job: A secretarial service where I got to transcribe autopsies

Worst job: Dental assistant when the molar was stuck

My last meal: Anything someone else cooks

Favorite film: Almost Famous (oh, and, Dave, of course)

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Mark Perrin

Mark Perrin

Background in a nutshell: Spent my career in marketing strategy and company management

Worst Job: Laying hot asphalt in Texas in the summer

Last Meal: Thick crust pizza or hamburger; surprise me

Favorite Film: A Knight’s Tale

You have no idea that: I raise cattle all the time and goats every once and a while

Deserted island must have: Running shoes


Ralph Gilbert

Background in a nutshell: Born in Louisville. Live in Kansas City. Lots of stuff in-between, (including 23 years in typography and pre-press technologies)

Desert island must have: iMac, Microsoft Excel, power outlet, no cell phone coverage.

Best dinner party guest list: The one I’m not on.

Don’t hate me because I: Am really good at Sudoku.

My last meal: Are you trying to tell me something? Do I need to be thinking about my last meal? Really?


Kathryn Lorenzen

Kathryn Lorenzen

Background in a nutshell: 18 years in corporate marketing/agency account management

Favorite place I lived (other than KC): Sullivan’s Island, SC

Celebrity I baby-sat: Annette Bening

Don’t hate me because I: Will find the typo in the resume you think is perfect

You probably have no idea that I: Play a mean rhythm guitar, a 1967 Sunburst Telecaster

Most obscure recent accomplishment: Had a song in an episode of season 1 of ‘The Americans’

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Sydney Williams

Sydney Williams

Background in a nutshell: agency life turned in-house marketing turned creative recruiting

My last meal: ice cream with a side of ice cream

Favorite film: Anything starring a redhead with an accent (if there’s dancing, even better)

Desert island must have: Oversized floppy hat + blended cocktail + solar powered e-book with an endless supply of rom-coms

Don’t hate me because I: play Fleetwood Mac music on repeat


Suzanne Wolff

Suzanne Wolff

Background in a nutshell: 20+ years in marketing, sales, recruiting & creative industries

Favorite thing to do: Spend time with my amazing, zany family.

Dream Jobs I wanted as a child: FBI agent, Stand-Up Comedian & Olympic Gymnast.

Favorite Restaurants: Anything off the beaten path.

Things you may not know about me: I am both a published illustrator and stellar spring roll chef.